Hemværnet is a collaboration between two of Massproduktion's most profiled artists. Jan Strandqvist (Red Mecca) began his career in Sundsvall in the early 80's in legendary post-punk band Brända Barn, while Lars Bygdén and his The Thousand Dollar Playboys were leading figures in the alt-country wave that swept across Sweden in the late 90's. The two have met over the years, as two musicians do in a small town, but during an anniversary party for the record company in 2019, the idea of ​​a joint project began to take shape. The single Mamma is the result of this collaboration; a dark flowing electronic track about unhealed wounds from childhood. Hemværnet consists of two artists who at first glance have nothing in common but who together create something completely unique, where the result is greater than the parts.

Artist: Hemværnet CDS-223


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