VÄGRA RAGGARNA BENZIN vol 3-4 – Punk från provinserna 1978-82


In 1998 Mats Hammerman and Per Granberg from Birdnest (heading two of the oldest existing punk labels) made two compilations called ”Vägra Raggarna Benzin”  that covered the punk scene outside Stockholm and Gothenburg. Some 15 years later Peter Kagerland  and Chips Kiesbye took hold and collected the stuff we missed on the first two compilations. Now it’s here. 46 songs and just as many bands from 35 cities all over Sweden. So don’t you tell me that Punk was something just for the big city. Punks appeared from nowhere, north to south, and they all started bands. Small communities like Klippan, Köping and Strömsund became musical hotspots, together with larger industrial towns as Sundsvall and university towns like Linköping and Lund.