Bland nakenhakor och skägghuggkubbar


"A quirky little song with Jan Boholm & Alla Dessa år. Jan talks about the song: ""A few years ago I walked around Östermalm in Stockholm. Noticed that most young men with slightly stressed and preoccupied looks were very clean shaven. Their chins shone like little strawless suns. The next day I was banging around Söder, the blocks around Skånegatan. In one block I met four relatively identical people. Young men with prams and something dreamy in their eyes (probably about some new exciting beer from some new exciting microbrewery). All had beards. There somewhere the lyrics were born. Which is largely also a play of words." The song is not on Jan's third album, which was released last spring and has received a very good reception. Singersongwriterfolkprogrock at its best."

Artist: Jan Boholm CDS-267


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