With the release of Lars Bygdén’s third solo album came the breakthrough he deserved for so long. The album has been praised by a unanimous swedish body of critics and been described as americana better than the Americans themselves make it. Together with a top-notch band and the producer Tobias Froberg they reach heights that even makes the self-critical skeptic Bygdén satisfied. Press quotes: ”With ’LB’ Lars Bygdén makes his strongest album yet” 8/10 - Pierre Hellqvist, Sonic “Swedish americana doesn’t get any better” 4/5- Markus Larsson, Aftonbladet ”It’s a formidable album” - Nils Hansson, Dagens Nyheter ”Pristine and professional, dark and moving without being overly sentimental, it perfectly compliments the oncoming winter nights.” 7/10 -