VÄGRA RAGGARNA BENZIN Vol. 1 – Punk från provinserna 1978-82


The early Swedish punk had two major centers - Stockholm and Gothenburg. Around 1990 came two great compilations that covered that scene - "GBG Punk" and "Ståkkålmsjävlar". But a lot of the influential bands, labels and scenes where placed somewhere else. In fact - punk - had a great effect in small towns all over Sweden. Punks appeared from nowhere, north to south, and they all started bands. Small communities like Klippan, Köping and Strömsund became musical hotspots, together with larger industrial towns as Sundsvall and university towns like Linköping and Lund. In 1998 Mats Hammerman and Per Granberg from Birdnest (heading two of the oldest existing punk labels) made these two compilations called ”Vägra Raggarna Benzin”  that covered the punk scene outside Stockholm and Gothenburg.   Sold out.