New track and new vocals. In the years 1978-1983 Mögel was in the focus of the emerging punk scene in Sweden. With almost 500 gigs throughout Sweden and Europe and a now classic record recorded in France, music history was made. In 2018, Mögel made a grand return with the song Mitt Orange Kuvert. In the spring of 2022 singer Ulrika Malmgren announced that she is leaving the band to focus on her performing arts. And Punk legend Ann Carlberger makes a comeback as a singer in Mögel. Mostly know as singer in the influential punk band Pink Champagne 1979–1984 she toured all over the Nordics those years and did two LPs and three singles. In 1985 she moved to Australia together with Karin from Pink Champagne and formed the band Curious Yellow and toured with Marty Willson Piper (the Church) and appeared on his solo albums as a songwriter and singer. In 1990 released the solo album ""Hidden Treasures"". Grammy nominated for best female artist rock / pop in 1990 and got a radio hit with the song ""The Crowd"" Now she is back to the roots." This track contains Mögels personal thoughts and feelings on the covid-19 pandemic. "We who lived in fear of getting sick, we who worked at home for several years, we who worried about our old parents and we who barely came out alive. We who survived - even though Covid-19 came to town. But our thoughts go to those who were not so lucky. " Mögel 2022

Artist: Mögel CDS-250


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