It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sounds More Acoustic


Mikael and Zarah always have done acoustic gigs with just guitar and accordion but in 2005 they did a lot of acoustic gigs, sometimes with the whole band and sometime with just a few members. The acclaims was stunning. The low key gigs seem to add new depths to the songs and the reviews have been fantastic. Ever since they started doing these gigs they have been asked if these acoustic versions could be available. So during the sessions for the 5 AM album they sneaked in at Domsaga studio to record 15 songs live in these versions of which 11 made it to the album. The album contains songs from their whole career – from the first EP (All Dressed Up) to rare B-sides (Put Your Pressure On Me) to completely new songs (Lost In Time) and the hits (The Pilot, Window...)