Pang – du är död!


One of the highlights of the punk/postpunk-band Vacum most active year during the 80-ies was participating on the Midvinterrock TV-show with the track Pang – du är död! The TV-show pre-recorded three tracks and the track that was more of an improvisation over a riff, made it to the TV show.   When their label celebrated 40 years in 2019 the met again to finally do it justice. Stephan wrote a new verse, and the band recorded the track in a one-day recording frenzy. A track that has become the bands most successful on Spotify. Now finally out on clear vinyl! With a never released demo track from 2014 as a B-side, with added recordings during 2021 and great backing vocals from Susanne Jonsson of Red Mecca.

Artist: Vacum Z-252


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