Sjung för fan! Forsa Studio 1978​-​1989 – Punk och sånt från Hälsingland


Forsa Studio, situated in a small village in the north of Sweden, was during a few years a hub that exploded with creativity when the punk wave hit rural Sweden in 1978. Bands like Missbrukarna, Totalitär, Traste & Superstararna, Dagens Ungdom became semi-hits due to extensive airplay by Ny Våg (the only punk-program on Swedish Radio) and became an important influence for what to come. The studio was also central for the folkrock and postpunk that emerged during the 90-ies with names like Perssons Pack, Sigge Hill and Traste Lindéns Kvintett that became household names and the more underground celebrities like The Bangsters and Brainbombs which both enjoyed international careers. This compilation covers the important years of 1978-89 and is filled with unreleased gems, recovered during 5 years of restoration of the studios close to 600 master tapes. It comes with a 72 pages story of the studio (in Swedish) and tells the stories of musicians, technicians and other people that was involved in the music scene that evolved from the studio. It also includes many never before seen pictures from the rarely seen and heard punk movement of Hälsingland and what evolved from it.