2018 Vacum reformed for legendary Rock Club Pipeline’s 45-year jubileé. None of the keyboard-players, Cathrine or Magnus, that was important part of the band’s sound and songwriting could join in, so the band played with just bass, drums and guitars. And found a new energy. And a new way to perform the songs. So, the band booked one weekend in Nevo studio to record the songs in their new form along with one cover – Unter den Lindens Survivors. After nailing the basic tracks of the songs in 24 hours they invited some guest – Vera Ördell and Manfred Linde from Hårdgnissel that we all love (who now a then have played Vacum covers) and Patriks brother Henrik Högl from Mortalicum. Later even Nina Färdig from celebrated Swedish/Polish punk band Śmierć. Suddenly three generations of punk musicians on the same record. Now it’s finally out! On vinyl as a gatefold double album together with the debut album – Rädd för tystnaden released 40 years ago.